Photo integration with Canfield

Together with Canfield Scientific, Inc. Trial Online are happy to announce the new ePRO app photo API integration.

The integration allows for photos taken by the investigator at the clinic, to be automatically uploaded to the ePRO system. In the Trial Online ePRO app, the photos with the marked treatment area are visible for the patient under the ‘My Files’ section.

The API can be used to integrate and upload any patient specific material such as documents, images, videos etc. from multiple 3rd parties involved in the clinical trial.

This new feature helps the patient to administer the study medication at the correct location.

About Canfield Scientific, Inc.

Canfield Scientific, Inc is a technology company – and a leader in imaging systems, services and products for scientific research and healthcare applications.

They create leading edge technology assets on their own and in partnership with industry, academia, and research centers to solve complex problems – which is how Canfield and Trial Online’s newest integration came about.