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Get a complete solution for your clinical trial software needs, including EDC, ePRO, eConsent, and Virtual Visits. Designed to enhance patient engagement and streamline clinical trials.

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An integrated EDC, eConsent, ePRO and Virtual Visit platform for efficient conduct of clinical trials.

Replior is a clinical trial software solutions company. Our suite of systems is called Trial Online and enables collection and management of data from investigators, participants and wearables in an easy and efficient way.

Trial Online supports decentralized clinical trials (DCT) by enabling the trials to operate with site visits, remote visits or as a hybrid. 

Trial Online is the single place to collect all types of data for a clinical trial and collaborate with both trial teams and participants. The Trial Online product suite consists of EDC/eCRF, ePRO/eCOA, eConsent, and Virtual Visits, fulfilling all regulatory requirements.

Our Clinical Trial Software Platform

An integrated EDC, eConsent, ePRO and Virtual Visit platform for efficient conduct of clinical trials


Trial Online EDC is a trusted and proven platform that streamlines clinical trial data collection. Designed with modern research in mind, it ensures flexibility while upholding rigorous regulatory standards.


Trial Online ePRO revolutionizes patient engagement in clinical trials by turning data collection into an engaging journey. With its unique gamification elements, patients can effortlessly track their progress, earn rewards, and stay connected every step of the way.

Virtual Visits

Enable participant convenience of in-home virtual trial visits through video calls. Move visits from in-clinic to the home, conduct Virtual Visits to capture data, increase engagement and security.


Trial Online eConsent streamlines the patient consent process, making it digital, transparent, and user-friendly. Patients can receive and sign informed consents digitally, ensuring they’re fully informed and confident in their decision to participate. It’s modernizing consent, one click at a time.

UV and visible light sensor integration

At Replior, we're committed to revolutionizing clinical trial data collection and patient engagement. Our latest innovation, the integration of a cutting-edge UV sensor into Trial Online, embodies this commitment. This feature is a testament to our dedication to advancing clinical research through technological excellence.

Ennova Health 2023 Winner of IoT Category in e-Health, Wearables and Robotics

Our Services

Device Provision & Management

Discover our device provision & management service, encapsulating simplicity, precision, and unparalleled flexibility. Experience a new era of efficiency and convenience that transforms the way you approach data entry.

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"Introducing gamification with Trial Online has improved the satisfaction of our patients and therefore increased the robustness of the data base."
Diego Herrera Egea
Senior Leader, Clinical Data & Information Management
"Partnering with Replior has always been easy! Over the course of our studies, we have developed a friendly collaboration based on trust."
Cécile Paquet Luzy
MSc Head of Clinical Science

Message from our CEO

Christer Nilsson:

Reflecting on Our Year and Looking Ahead

As we draw closer to the end of another year, I want to take a moment to reflect on Replior’s journey and share some thoughts about what lies ahead.

This past year has been one of significant transformation for Replior. We have seen substantial growth, particularly in our Clinical Data Management team, which stands ready to support our clients through their trial journeys with our products. A notable highlight was receiving recognition from Ennova Health for our innovative integration of a UV sensor into our ePRO platform. However, we’re mindful that the industry landscape is challenging, and we remain committed to supporting our partners and the broader sector in any way we can.

Looking towards 2024, we are on the brink of an exciting era for Replior. A few years back, we made a strategic decision to develop a new EDC platform from scratch rather than build upon our existing one. Our goal was to create a platform that could incorporate cutting-edge features like AI and machine learning without becoming a cumbersome patchwork of add-ons. We are now close to unveiling this new EDC system, which promises to be one of the most advanced and flexible in the industry, ready for the next wave of innovation in data capture.

As part of our commitment to engagement and collaboration, I am pleased to announce our participation in several key industry events next year, including SCOPE, EUCROF, ACDM, AAD, OCT Europe, BIO, EADV, OCT Nordics, OCT New England, and the CNS Summit. These events are crucial touchpoints for us to connect with our clients and peers, discuss new ideas, and explore future collaborations.

I am excited about the prospects of strengthening our existing partnerships and forging new ones. Together, we will continue to innovate and contribute to the evolution of clinical research, with the goal of enhancing patient outcomes and advancing medical science.

Thank you for your continued trust in Replior. Here’s to a fruitful year ahead and the groundbreaking opportunities it brings.

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