Increase Engagement with our ePRO Software

Empower patients with our all-in-one ePRO Software through gamification elements, voice recordings, reminders, and an extensive suite of 20+ features crafted to minimize dropouts and motivate users.

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Engaged Patients, Higher Retention

Improve Patient Experience

Trial Online ePRO Software is an easy to use app designed for a better patient experience throughout the study. Patients feel supported at every stage, benefiting from visit and treatment reminders, informative guidance alerts, and seamless progress tracking.

Boost Patient Retention
& Compliance

Compliance and progress efforts are celebrated on Trial Online! Our ePRO Software embraces gamification elements to make the patient journey engaging and rewarding. As questionnaires are completed and milestones are achieved, we celebrate by awarding trophies and badges as tokens of the user's success.

Enhance Data Quality

Ensure high-quality exhaustive data collection and analysis at any point in the study with effortless questionnaires, event scheduling, compliance tracking, treatment management, wearable integrations, and real-time monitoring.

Powerful Features

Study Dashboard

Get a direct overview of study performance, progress, and compliance. Take actions based on real-time statistics.

BYOD & Device Provision

Use the ePRO Software on patient's device, web or a provisioned device by Replior.

Reminders and Notifications

Schedule and send reminders and
notifications for pending tasks or upcoming visits.

Questionnaires and eDiaries

Collect ad-hoc data from patients, such as medication intake and adverse events. Get reviews by the Investigator or CRA.


Measure data and identify trends in patient or treatment development over time using advanced program calculations.


Configure treatment schedules and provide how-to guiding information to patients.


Award patients with trophies and badges when they complete tasks and motivate them with progress and compliance status bars.


Connect the ePRO to Trial Online EDC, Virtual Visits or eConsent or to your study-specific vendor systems such as RTSM or wearable devices.

Language support

Support for over 40 languages for patients, with additional languages added upon request.

Voice Recording

Allow patients to use voice recording as a memory note to remember how they felt at a point in the study.

Patient groups

Enrol patients into different groups to enable group-specific tasks.


Multiple export options are available for data extraction, including audit logs, notifications, and questionnaire exports.

Case Studies

Case study 1

Phase IV study

97% Patient retention

In a phase IV biologic study with 9 PROs to be completed at each patient visit, patient retention increased from 90% in a previous study to 97% with Trial Online ePRO Software.

Case study 2

Phase IV study

19% Increase in retention

A second 2 active treatments phase IV study with 4 PROs to be completed at each patient visit saw patient retention spike from 56% to 75% with Trial Online ePRO.

Case study 3

Phase Ill study

In a phase III study with an average population of 69 years old who completed their eDiary on Trial Online ePRO, having the paper diary version as back up, we observed that:

of patients completed the study


of total patient visits (622 visits) were completed


of patients installed the ePRO app


diary completion between eDiary and paper version


Integrate Trial Online ePRO

Trial Online ePRO Software integrates with various partners based on the unique requirements of each clinical trial, facilitating comprehensive patient data collection. By linking your specific Electronic Data Capture (EDC) or Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) system to Trial Online, you can streamline the flow of clinical trial data.

Trusted by customers, loved by users

"Introducing gamification with Trial Online has improved the satisfaction of our patients and therefore increased the robustness of the data base."
Diego Herrera Egea
Senior Leader, Clinical Data & Information Management
"Partnering with Replior has always been easy! Over the course of our studies, we have developed a friendly collaboration based on trust."
Cécile Paquet Luzy
MSc Head of Clinical Science

Frequently asked questions

What are the core functionalities of Trial Online ePRO?
The ePRO system is user-friendly and designed specifically for an engaging patient experience, featuring over 20+ features including gamification elements, voice recordings, notifications, and reminders, to minimize patient dropouts and motivate user activity. It ensures high-quality data collection and analysis, supports over 40 languages, and integrates with various devices and systems.
Can the system be customized to meet specific study requirements?
Yes, consider all our systems as a toolbox that is used to adapt the tool the specific study requirements. A variety of input choices are available to facilitate the most complex studies, including image-maps and photo uploads in questionnaires and eDiaries.
How user-friendly is the interface for both researchers and participants?
Trial Online ePRO has a fully responsive design, working on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.
The ePRO native app for Android and IOS is designed to suit all age groups and we have received 94% compliance and 93% patient retention in a study with participants of 69 years old average.
Does the system support multi-language capabilities for global studies?
Yes. Our ePRO supports over 40 languages, with additional languages added upon request.
Is your system compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EMA, and other regulatory requirements?
Yes, absolutely. Trial Online ePRO is a designed, developed, and tested computer system as defined in PIC/S ‘Good Practices for Computerised Systems in Regulated “GxP” Environments’. Trial Online is compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GDPR and HIPAA. Our Quality Management System is built on quality standards in the industry, e.g. guidelines and directives provided by ISPE, FDA, EMA and ICH.
How does Trial Online ePRO prevent patient dropout?

Trial Online ePRO employs gamification to engage patients, with features such as customizable awards, reminders and notifications, and progress tracking. The ePRO app can be used on patient’s own device (BYOD) but also on a device provisioned by Replior, whenever required.

Can the ePRO system integrate with existing systems and databases?
Yes, Trial Online ePRO has APIs and can integrate with Trial Online EDC, Virtual Visits, or eConsent, or with study-specific vendor systems such as other EDC systems, RTSMs or wearable devices.
Is Trial Online ePRO compatible with various devices and operating systems?
The ePRO administration interface used by investigators, data managers, CRAs and sponsors is web based and all major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Apple Safari are supported. The ePRO native app, used by study patients, is designed for IOS (IOS version 13 an onwards) and Android 11 (API 30 and onwards).
How does the ePRO system handle data from wearable technology or remote monitoring devices?

The ePRO app includes a tailored functionality through which it communicates directly with the external device and sends continuous data in real-time to the database. The relevant data can be visualized in the ePRO app by the patient through specific study widgets.
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Can Replior develop special functions or features personalized for specific needs?

Yes. We are most excited when we receive requests. We exercise client-driven innovation for universal system enhancements. We are happy to discuss your special requirement and use our agile approach to provide a solution. We have multiple examples where a client-feature request has been developed and added to our systems in a general, configurable manner, available for all clients. This means that we share the special development cost with you when adding new special features.

More about Voice Recording and Advanced Calculations

What is the typical timeline for Trial Online ePRO system delivery?
Within 14 days. Express requests can be addressed on short notice with hours or a few days delivery time.
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