Trial Online Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits Software for Clinical Trials

Collect data during site visits, between visits and through remote virtual visits.

Our Virtual Visits Software is a communication module to use for Site-to-Participants communication during clinical trials.

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Trial Online provides a complete suite of products to run clinical trials with total flexibility.

Using the Trial Online Virtual Visit Telehealth software gives participants the security and convenience of participating from their home, while the investigator safely monitors symptoms and tests upon collecting data.

Virtual Visits software allows the investigator to observe the participant, instruct them to complete assessments, and record their observations directly into the EDC system.

How to conduct Virtual Visits

Trial site staff can access participants participating in the trial through ordinary lists in Trial Online’s EDC or ePRO system. Virtual visits are scheduled and calls are initiated by site staff directly to the participant’s mobile device through the downloaded ePRO app. All prior chat history with the participant is visible which allows for any site staff member to quickly ascertain the participant’s condition and any concerns from prior virtual visits.

The entire visit is conducted in 5 simple steps:


Participant Centricity with Virtual Visits

It is not uncommon that participants may have a fair distance of travel to attend each planned visit. Overcoming challenges like distance, while ensuring the health and safety of participants enrolling in your critical trial, can easily be tackled with our Virtual Visits tool. Virtual Visits Software increases compliance as participants are more likely to attend a video call than having to travel far distances. This, in turn, reduces any reimbursement costs offered to enrolled participants as travel expenses don’t have to be settled.

If physical visits cannot be excluded, it is possible to run a hybrid trial where visits are conducted both physically and virtually online.

Text Messaging
Text messaging allows participant and trial investigators to communicate alongside video and voice calls, and information regarding the trial can be text messaged to all participating trial participants.

Benefits of Trial Online's Virtual Visits

The benefits stem beyond continuity of clinical trials during travel restrictions, as Virtual Visits also allow pharmaceutical companies to decrease costs by minimizing travel budgets and offering virtual visits as a regular procedure for new clinical trials.

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