Trial Online eConsent

Electronic Informed Consent Software

Modernize your informed consent process with Trial Online’s eConsent Software.

Tools to easily keep track of consent versions and participant approval to remain compliant.

Safety in the process flow

Participant safety and integrity starts with the participant’s understanding of the trial and all of the inherent risks involved. This is where eConsent Software can offer more protection through a directed online experience. The step-by-step process guides the participant to ensure understanding and presents a signature box only at the end of these exercises.



Maximize Participant Retention

Paper-free informed consent will not only improve quality and compliance but retention for your clinical trial. eConsent software provides participants with clear and understandable clinical trial information so you can make sure that they are fully informed when making a decision to participate in your trial. This saves not only time, which is critical for optimal launch timeframes, but money for your budget.

Create Cost Savings
Sponsors can achieve tremendous time and cost savings using eConsent by eliminating the costs involved in chasing, managing, and storing a paper trail. This further reduces the research team’s time involved in the consent process.
Real-time Data
eConsent provides real-time tracking of recruitment rates to trial sponsors. This is very important to get a consolidated view of trial progress and also to not risk going over set enrollment goals.

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