Advanced Calculations
Brand New Feature of Trial Online’s ePRO app

Trial Online ePRO is happy to introduce our new feature: Advanced Calculations

Our brand new function allows for advanced calculations using all collected data points within the Trial Online ePRO app. The result of the calculation is visible to the study investigator to make informed decisions according to the protocol specifications.

What is it?

Advanced calculations are not just your standard formula. It is, as the name suggests, much more advanced. Based on Java Script, Advanced Calculations lets you use patient data to calculate any desired value for your study needs.


How does it work?

Your Data Manager defines one or more calculations. From simple to complex, it is possible to define any number of calculations. After the calculation has been defined, the Investigator can execute the calculations at the appropriate time, and see, export and print the outcomes.

An Example:

In our first trial using the Advanced Calculations function, patients record pain attacks and their severity everyday, using the eDiary within ePRO . At week eight, a calculation is run that compares the data of the attacks at a week before baseline, with the results for a week prior to week eight to determine if the patient is a responder to the study medication or not. This advanced calculation will assess if the patient should continue with the treatment.

In summary:

Advanced calculation is a simple way to filter and sort patients at a glance. It allows for complex analysis of patient submitted data, which enables more informed trial decisions.