New functionality in
Trial Online ePRO: Recordings

Using a Voice Recording over a written memo requires less effort for the patient. Hearing a previous recorded memo in his or her own voice, will make it easier to recall moments, symptoms, or feelings.

With our new Voice Recording functionality, you can schedule a Voice Recording and voice listening task for the patients to complete at a defined time.

Asking a patient to recall a symptom, or how they felt weeks ago, is difficult to answer for the patient. But with the new Voice Recording functionality in Trial Online ePRO app this becomes easier.

As with all our services the scheduling is highly customizable.

The Voice recording feature is to help the participant to perform the most accurate assessment of a change over time. We all struggle to remember how we felt in the past, and therefore, assessing a change is challenging, especially when comparing to a distant timepoint.

The voice recording helps the participant to capture relevant information describing their current state, e.g. at a baseline visit. In addition to the content of the voice recording, the tone conveys a lot of information. Listening to this recording helps the participant to accurately remember “their baseline”, and therefore increase the accuracy of the assessment.
Amine Tahiri
VP Clinical Development, Adult Programs, Noema Pharma AG