Almirall increases patient compliance to 94% at the end of the study with Trial Online

Almirall, the Barcelona based pharmaceutical company spares no effort to transform the world of patients who participate in clinical trials. In order to do so, Replior was approached with the following challenge in search for a solution.


30% of the patients who participate in a clinical trial drop out of the study1“EDC and eCOA/ePRO Market Dynamics and Service Provider Performance,” ISR, 2015.. The participation in a clinical trial is voluntary and therefore, the patients can opt to exit the study at any time.

However, the failure in patient retention has significant impact not only on the cost, timeline and data quality of the clinical trial, but also on the advocacy and wellbeing of the patients.

Some of the reasons for the patient discontinuation are unavoidable but many other are preventable and this was precisely the challenge Almirall came with to Replior. How can we keep the patients enrolled and even more, engaged, adhered to the protocol to ensure the compliance in the clinical trial?

The ultimate goal being reducing early study termination, increasing patient satisfaction in the clinical trial and improving the data quality.


Trial Online is an integrated platform that enables collecting clinical trial data such as eDiaries and ePROs.

Keeping in mind the cultural and technological environment of our patients and providing a paper back up version of the questionnaires, Trial Online provided Almirall’s patients a platform through which they were notified and reminded to complete the required questionnaires, they could ask for support and have a virtual visit with the healthcare professional and track their own performance and compliance with the study. All of this drizzled with a little bit of fun.

Gamification. In order to provide the patients with a more engaging experience during the clinical trial, on Trial Online patients can see and track their activity progress and their compliance. Patients can compare their progress in relation to the study by joining competitions and receiving badges for achievements.


Almirall closely observed the adoption and benefit of Trial Online in a phase III actinic keratosis clinical trial involving 20 US clinical sites (105 patients, average age of 69 years old) with a study duration of 8 weeks. The following exceptional results were identified.


Trial Online


Trial Online




Diary Compliance
(eDiary + paper)



"Introducing gamification with Trial Online has improved the satisfaction of our patients and therefore increased the robustness of the data base."
Diego Herrera Egea
Senior Leader, Clinical Data & Information Management, Almirall

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