Understanding our pricing

Navigating the numerous pricing models in the ePRO industry can be overwhelming and in most cases, completely opaque.

At Replior, we’ve developed a straightforward and transparent pricing structure, designed with our client’s needs in mind. Our primary goals are to ensure that clients understand the factors driving costs and to provide a realistic, comprehensive budget that avoids any unexpected surprises as the project unfolds.

Our pricing model is built on the following three main components:

  1. One-time setup fee to establish a dedicated and qualified hosting environment
  2. One recurrent monthly fee for the duration of the trial based on the number of patients to be enrolled in the study
  3. One fee based on the study phase and type

One single variable element in our pricing:

The only flexible element in our pricing model is the SMS fee, which fluctuates based on the frequency and type of notifications and reminders sent to patients. Each SMS message is priced at €0.15, globally. However, after reviewing the protocol with the client, we can assist in estimating a reliable SMS budget.

To illustrate our pricing model, consider a standard Phase II trial with 150 patients, 20 sites, and 6 questionnaires, lasting 18 months in total. For such a project, the approximate Trial Online ePRO cost would be around €55,000.

We strongly believe that by maintaining an honest and transparent approach to pricing, we aim to foster trust and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Tailored pricing for your unique needs

Each study is unique. That's why we offer flexible pricing options tailored to your needs, study size, and specifics. Fill in the form and get a tailored pricing quote in your email within 48 hours.

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