ePRO: The Data Collection Tool in Patient-Centric Trials 

In the last few years, electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) has become as a fundamental tool in clinical research, revolutionizing data collection, enhancing patient engagement, and transforming the way clinical trials were being run. Let’s have a look at the benefits and impact of the ePRO in clinical research.

Firstly though, what is an ePRO?

Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) are the data patients provide about their health, symptoms, treatment effect, and overall quality of life. The PRO data used to be collected on paper questionnaires or face-to-face at the clinic interviews. However, these methods were time-consuming and could be affected by memory bias or errors in reporting.

The PRO’s digital sibling, the ePRO, changes the game by using electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, or web platforms to collect this PRO data. Patients now complete assessments or questionnaires on their phones or tablets, providing investigators with real-time data.

And the benefits of an ePRO tool?

The adoption of ePRO has revolutionized clinical research data collection and improved patient engagement and retention. In a nutshell, the ePRO empowers patients to participate in their own health care by providing real-time data and connecting with the investigators on their own electronic device.

Revolutionize Data Collection with Trial Online ePRO

Trial Online ePRO is specifically designed for a better patient experience throughout the study ensuring patients feel supported at every stage of the clinical trial, benefiting from visit and treatment reminders, informative guidance alerts, and progress tracking.

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